Enamel Vs. Porcelain

Experience What dentistry should be 


Spot the difference*

*apart from the new hair... 


Face-lifting dentistry is the epitome where form meets function. Where a holistic approach to your health brings together our respect for your inherited anatomy, your desired results, our technical excellence and our unique ability to deliver the results for you. Read more to see the differences we see and understand how face-lifting dentistry is achieved predictably and fuss-free.


Rejuvenating & reconstructive

What was deemed a daunting journey to embark on was resolved in just 3 appointments after our initial consultation. We keep it very simple for you and do all the hard work outside of appointments. In just a few sessions, you won’t believe what we can achieve together at a good value. Click below to walk through this case and see his testimonial.

True Lip & facial support

Move the slider back and forth to take a good look at the profile of the upper lips and position of the chin. Full and supported lips, relaxed and natural resting position of the chin, and an all together more youthful drape in the soft tissues of the lower face. See more for the planning that went behind this case and see if we can help you.

There is always a solution

Tooth-wear is conventionally considered a tricky domain to treat. It can become very costly, from your wallet to what healthy enamel that remains. Using the latest techniques backed with an increasing set of research, minimally invasive techniques with little to no damage to teeth can yield results like this at an accessible price for the you.